My Top 9 Golf Books

It was really hard to narrow down my collection of golf books to just these ten. I’ve included books for those about to make that golf pilgrimage to Scotland, my favorite instructional golf book, as well as some books about real people pursuing their golf dreams too!

How about you? What are your favorite golf books? I’m collecting them!

Top 9 Golf Books

Scratch by Troon McAllister

Tiger reveals that he’s been playing Bridgestone balls for many years = Bridgestone made Nike balls.  Costco cannot keep up demand for their Signature golf balls.  Multiple bloggers and YouTube “golf testers” claim Costco balls perform equally or better than even Titleist Pro V1, at half the cost.  If you ever wondered: do golf balls REALLY make a difference in my game, read this hilarious fiction by Troon McAllister. If that name sound too good to be true for a golf writer, it is.  Lee Gruenfeld’s insightful, and not so tongue-in-cheek, tale of how golf ball companies’ marketing make us spend $50/doz is truly a good read.

The Forbidden Game: Golf and the Chinese Dream by Dan Washburn

We’ve all seen the ascension of Japanese and Korean golfers to the top levels of both PGA and LPGA tours. Are the Chinese next?  In this fascinating book about golf in China, Dan Washburn follows an aspiring professional golfer, a farmer caught up in a race to develop golf resorts, and a golf course designer, all in their quest for piece of the pie that’s becoming Golf China.  It’s a story about people struggling with modernity, set in golf. Highly recommended.

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