My Top 10 Favorite Par 3 Holes

I love Par 3’s.  They force the golfer to concentrate even more on the tee shot. Many of the best and most famous holes are par 3’s.

Here are my favorites , in no particular order:
Pebble Beach Golf Links #7 – 106 Yards – Carmel, CA
Possibly the most photographed hole in golf.  106 yards (down hill) is only a flip wedge, but a sheer terror if the wind is up.

Pebble Beach Golf Links #7

image from Wikipedia

Cypress Point Golf Club #15 – 120 Yards – Carmel, CA
For pure beauty, this hole cannot be topped – even more picturesque that its more famous brother, the 16th.  Playing at only 120 yards.

Cypress Point Golf Club #15